Mastereign has more than 20 years of establishment and is currently the leading provider of training and lifelong learning programmes in Singapore. 


We provide an enriching and fun-led environment that promises to broaden, and deepen the skillsets of participants while taking learning beyond the conventional methods and styles. 


Here at Mastereign, we possess a fervent belief in matching the best trainers to meet the learning needs of different participants. We dedicate ourselves to creating programmes that promote sustainable development of our participants and empower them to become outstanding leaders and successful individuals.


Since 1997, we have served at least one million youths and adults in over 300 government schools and educational institutions. Many of our customers have remained with us for years and that gives us great encouragement to continue the good work. Our tribal values which are spelt out in the 4Rs have effectively served as practical guide posts for us to grow and thrive.


We can be trusted to do what we have promised. We do what is right with integrity and sincerity.


We care for the quality of life of every person. We inspire compassion, optimism and hope wherever we go.


We encourage ownership and good work practices that lead to excellent outcomes. We plan wisely, monitor closely and overcome problems through creative solutions.


We practise sound stewardship principles. We are generous and reward the best in the land. We are transparent, fair in our dealings and these are what makes the tribe attractive and authentic.


Asia Pacific’s best and most admired holistic enrichment group.


To thrive as a leading holistic tribe with a heart to serve, passion to make a positive impact in Singapore and the region. The journey is from success to significance!


As a united tribe, we have a continuous growing organisational structure that does not stifle but instead encourage each individual to be productive, innovative and enterprising. That means we have the courage to take creative risks and embrace change. Our leaders guide the way, then we follow and forge ahead as one towards the same glorious vision. We create value, for our customers, then our co-workers, our company and corporate share holders. We recognise and reward good contributions. We nurture and celebrate talents and achievements. We know that the journey ahead is not without obstacles, but our attitude is that in spite of it all, we will celebrate life and cheer everyone in the tribe to overcome and finish strong.



81 Ubi Avenue 4 #11-06, UB.One, Singapore 408830


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