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Incentives, leisure and lifestyle tours

At Mastereign Learning Journeys, we offer more than just-another-retreat. True to the saying, “A team that plays together stays together”; A team that is united and motivated is undoubtedly more effective, more productive, and more successful - not to mention a heightened happiness index and satisfaction level! Our team building activities possess a robust framework that facilitates the development of increased communication, collaboration and commitment among team members, while forging beautiful shared memories that bonds the team together.

As your preferred Travel Agent, we want to plan your trip from start to end with you. Our experienced project managers will ensure a seamless journey for you and your team. All you have to do is sit back and relax!


Sky Green Urban Farming Tour

Come and experience the world’s first organic and zero-carbon vertical farm. Let us take you on a learning journey at the world’s first low-cost, hydro-powered farm that specialises in commercial vertical farming. Unlike traditional farms, Sky Greens leverages on technology to minimise land usage yet still maximise output through a smart urban vertical farming.


Sustenir Vertical Farming Tour

Discover how Sustenir tackles Singapore’s unique agricultural challenges with innovative solutions and sustainable practices. Witness the journey of the signature Kinky Kale and Toscano Kale from seed to salad, and get hands-on with the future of food by harvesting and tasting some of the freshest, most flavorful greens you've ever experienced.

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