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5 Reasons Why Students Should Consider An Engineering Course

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

5 Reasons Why Students Should Consider An Engineering Course

Choosing the right tertiary course upon graduation is an important decision for students graduating from secondary schools. While interest and passion are important considerations in the decision making process, it is also important to plan ahead by taking into account the economic situation and ensuring a good fit.

As Singapore returns to normalcy after the Covid-19 and the economic conditions improve, we explore 5 reasons why students should consider an engineering course and pursue a career in engineering.

1. High Demand

Even before Covid-19. Singapore was already experiencing a shortage of engineers in its workforce. It was reported that 4 out of the top 10 professions with the largest number of vacancies were engineering related. 56 per cent of employers in Singapore reported difficulties in recruiting, especially in the engineering and IT sectors, which are two of the top 10 most difficult sectors to fill. It makes sense for students choosing their course of study to observe the skills gaps in the industries and position themselves where there is a lack of talent. This way it will be easy for them to land a job upon graduation.

2. Good Starting Salaries

A good starting salary is an important factor for young workers joining the workforce to enable them to start building their income and starting families.

In August, 2022. The Straits Times reported that according to the Institution of Engineers Singapore, engineers can expect starting salary ranges between $3,500 and $5,000. This is a good starting salary for young workers who will be concerned with the high cost of living in Singapore and the cost of purchasing their first home.

3. Opportunities to solve problems

Being an engineer is never boring. It is a role that can harness your natural abilities and enable you to create things that have only previously existed in your mind — a job where thoughts come to life. Something surely more challenging and engaging than a 9 - 5 administrative role in an office.

4. Making a difference to society

Engineers can contribute significantly on projects that benefit society. Depending on the industry that they participate in, they might work on projects that help clean the environment, develop aids that help people with mobility challenges, find new sources of energy or even alleviate hunger issues.

5. Respect and Prestige

Engineers are highly respected individuals and their role commands much prestige. They work hard to make the world around them a better place to live for themselves and for others, and they do things that others only dream about. They also get opportunities to work with other engineers who are creative and stretch their imagination.

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