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Celebrate Life Tribe Advance 2023: Bonding Beyond Borders

Team building goes beyond being an activity; it's a journey to establish stronger connections, promoting collaboration among team members and bringing individuals from different regions, cultures and backgrounds together to work harmoniously towards shared objectives.

On 27-30 April 2023, Celebrate Life Tribe organised our annual Celebrate Life Tribe Advance 2023 after a hiatus of almost 3 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This time, we had more than 25 colleagues from the Philippines flying to Singapore before making our way as a tribe to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for our Tribe Advance.

Day 0: Welcome to Singapore—Let the Adventure Begin!

The adventure began when our Filipino colleagues touched down in Singapore to receive a warm welcome from the Singaporean welcome committee. After checking in, the Singapore and Philippines team indulged in a welcome dinner at Lau Pa Sat to feast on local food while immersing in the vibrant ambience of open air dining.

After enjoying dinner, the team went on a night tour to take in the city's skyline and illuminated landmarks. The highlight of the evening included a visit to Merlion Park, home to the 70-ton statue of the Merlion. This iconic symbol beautifully embodies Singapore's identity.

Day 1: From Singapore to Johor Bahru, Malaysia—An Exciting Exploration

While the Singapore team gathered to make their way to Johor Bahru, Malaysia in the morning, the Philippines team began checking out of their hotel before heading for a hearty breakfast at the heartlands of Tiong Bahru Market and Food Center. After breakfast, they embarked on a city tour to explore the streets of Singapore, led by our experienced trainer and tourist guide Cathy Ross. The highlight of the day was a visit to Gardens by the Bay, a national garden and premier horticultural attraction that is a showpiece of horticulture and garden artistry. Through Cathy’s interesting stories throughout the tour, the team was offered glimpses into Singapore's history and culture.

After the city tour, the Philippines team made their way to Johor Bahru as well. The entire tribe had a sumptuous welcome dinner at Senibong Bay Seafood Restaurant, a waterfront establishment famous for its delectable seafood dishes such as chili crab and butter prawns. It was here that the main body of Singaporean colleagues met up with our Philippines colleagues, many for the first time face to face. The dinner ended on a high note with a birthday celebration for May babies in the tribe.

Day 2: Connecting as a Tribe

The day started early in the morning with a focus on building relationships and reinforcing the unity within the tribe. Terry Lim, Managing Director of Mastereign, kicked off the session with an address to the tribe. He praised the remarkable resilience of team members during the especially challenging COVID-19 pandemic and provided the tribe with updates, sharing his insights and projections for the rest of the year while encouraging the tribe to connect and unite with a team building activity.

Our life skills trainer, Aaron Tai who was invited to the Advance led the team building exercises and entertained the crowd with his witty humour and fun activities in the next segment which saw team members singing, dancing and cat walking to much laughter and fun.

Mr Jacob Sim, Chief Consultant & Development Partner KLEROS who was also specially invited to the event as a speaker followed in the final segment where he talked about the urgent need for change post pandemic and encouraged a mindset change within all in the organisation and for unity in the tribe.

As evening fell, the team gathered at DoubleTree by Hilton for a gala dinner with a retro theme. Everyone showed up in their retro attire as they collectively took a trip down memory lane. Awards were presented in categories, recognising new team members in the tribe as well as veteran team members who demonstrated resilience during the challenging period of the pandemic. Finally, the promotions for 2023 were announced for various deserving team members, including the appointment of 2 new Deputy Managing Directors, Mr. Jerome Gan and Mr. Keith Low. The evening was filled with entertainment, lucky draws and heartfelt moments of appreciation within the tribe.

Day 3: Exploring Malaysia as a Team

This was a free and easy day for the tribe to bond in their respective teams. Everyone went for different activities which included Go-karting, Karaoke, massages and meals. It was a great opportunity to create lasting memories outside of the event and work.

Day 4: Saying Goodbye with Warmth

As Day 4 arrived, it was time for the tribe to bid farewell. The team building activities have not only strengthened bonds especially between the Singapore and Philippines teams, it has also built up shared moments and precious memories. The Singapore team touched the hearts of their Filipino colleagues when they woke up in the wee hours of the morning to send them off as they head to Singapore before their flight back home.

Post Event

The Celebrate Life Tribe Advance was more than an event; it was a voyage of self discovery, camaraderie and celebration. As participants returned to their roles, they carried with them valuable lessons learned, new friendships forged and unforgettable memories created during this multi-regional gathering. It's an experience that will continue to inspire and motivate them in both their work and personal lives—reminding them that greatness can be achieved in unity.


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